Great Christmas Challenge


‘Tis the season! It’s early October and the stores have already stocked the shelves with Christmas trees and dancing Santas! It is my favorite time of year but every year the same thing happens… the ever stressful Christmas shopping. It should be the most fun part but it never fails that I feel the need to buy quantity and not quality. Every year I find myself saying “I feel like we don’t have enough” for this person or that person. Why is there such pressure to have so many toys under the tree? I buy silly meaningless gifts to make it seem bigger or better when really all I am doing is sending the wrong message to my child.

So… this year I am challenging myself to make a meaningful Christmas! Here are my goals:

1. Make it 80/20 – 80 % of my gifts must be handmade by myself or someone else (I.e. etsy) and 20% store bought.

2. I will teach my daughter the Christmas traditions of several different cultures around the world. Each week for the months of December we will pick a new country to learn about the traditions of Christmas!

3. Charitable giving- we will pick a charity to commit to giving this year as a family.

I will be checking in and holding myself accountable and hope you will join me!



charleston’s next top model

We had a great day today! Our first Urbane Baby professional photo shoot! I have been at this now for 5 ¬†years and it feels great to not have a make-shift “studio” in my living room. We had 10 kids who were fantastic. They truly learned that beauty is pain today as it was in the high 50’s with fairly high winds. My daughter Carson’s lip quivering like crazy! You can photo shop blue lips right?

This is one from my camera!

This is one from my camera!

So thankful for my wonderful friends and their gorgeous children for helping me make my dreams come true and a special shoutout to Stacy Howell Photography! She is truly amazing! #blessed

behind the scenes DSC_5402 DSC_5404

the little things

Sometimes it’s the little things about parenting that make it worth it. I just tried to get my toddler to take some ibuprofen, as she has been really sick for a couple weeks, and she refused. So, I decided to use the famous manipulation tactic of fake mommy crying telling her I was sad she wouldn’t take her medicine. She took her poor little hand that was burning up with a fever and looked at me and said “It’s alwight mommy!” I love her…

Hoarders: vintage pattern edition


I have been spending the last 6 months on a vintage pattern hunt! I have collected patterns from everywhere from grandma’s basement to every online resource I have. I have managed to collect almost 100 patterns dating back to the 1930’s. I am having a great time studying the evolution of children’s clothing throughout the 20th century into the 21st. The yo-yo effect of the trends is very interesting. My favorite era of children’s clothing has to be the 60’s though! I love the short dresses , clean lines and fun fabric. I am definitely grateful for the evolution of cotton into our modern day clothes. I can’t imagine wearing all that polyester in charleston! I need cotton! I have decided to take my favorite looks from all my research, tweak them a little, add a fun print and make my new Urbane Baby Vintage Inspired line. I really can’t wait to share!